Showing your expertise within your local market will win more vendors and landlords

If you are an estate agent, you know that these are challenging times in the property market. A lot of experts and specialist have made gloomy predictions for the future of the market and many people are not sure what to do for the best.

Consider the slowdown in the market and it is easy to understand that people are wary of making a move. This is not a time to take risks. However, people still need to move home and as an estate agent, you have an opportunity to minimise the risk that people are exposed. You can’t magically turn the market into an optimistic one overnight, but you can care for your clients and you can help them to make the most informed and considered decision they are ever likely to make.

Your expertise can lower and reduce risk for your clients

Your role is to minimise and remove risk, and if you can showcase your experience within your local market, you will provide your clients with confidence. In turn, being seen as a trusted local estate agent will ensure that you gain instructions from more vendors and landlords, which is essential for your business.

Local knowledge is essential, and this is the case if you are selling homes, helping people to buy homes, helping landlords let property or helping tenants find rental accommodation. So many important aspects of property transactions and ensuring deals take place are related to the local area, what it is like, what it has to offer and why it is an ideal area for a certain type of person.

If you are helping a vendor to sell a home, you need to make sure prospective buyers understand what the area has to offer. This can include informing them of transport options, of appealing crime statistics, of great local shops, of leisure and entertainment activities. All these aspects matter in finding an ideal home, often as much as the home itself, and if you can detail what a local area has to offer, you will be trusted.

Local agents should know the people of the local property market

Of course, your knowledge of the local area shouldn’t just be about amenities and facilities, it should contain an understanding of people. Who is looking for property in this area, what are the houses or streets that are most suitable to what buyers or tenants? An estate agent with local knowledge can pinpoint the right clients to target. This makes promotion easier because you know where and how to reach these people, but it also helps with presenting the property to reach this market.

For a vendor, an estate agent that knows who the most likely buyer is, and why, is worth their weight in gold. When you know the most likely buyer, it is much easier to promote and present the property in an effective manner, saving time and possibly even earning a higher price for the property.

Even simple matters like providing up-to-date property prices, expected rental yields, rental fees and other figures relating to the local area matter because people want to know these things. If you provide localised information that is relevant and interesting to prospective clients, you have a much greater chance of winning instructions, so use your local knowledge.

If you want to quickly inform prospective clients of your local knowledge and expertise, contact Agent Reports and we will be delighted to assist you.

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