Importance of writing local property reports

When it comes to taking on new projects or giving yourself more work to do, there had better be a very good reason or strong justification. There are already so many tasks and roles for estate agents to take care of in the course of their working week, and you won’t find too many professionals looking to do more work unless there is a genuine benefit. However, when this genuine benefit is such that it will help you develop your career or help your firm make progress and ultimately win new instructions, most estate agents will decide that it is worth their time and effort to carry out this work.

In a competitive marketplace, there are certain things that differentiate you from other estate agents and persuade people to instruct you. Some of the key attributes an estate agent should have include:

  • A strong knowledge of and understanding of the local property market
  • A good level of expertise and experience in the overall property market
  • A strong track record and testimonials that show the level of service your new customers can expect

It can be difficult to prove this quickly but this is why there is a great deal of importance in writing local property reports.

The research process improves your knowledge of the local area

As an estate agent, you should be taking the time to stay in touch with the latest industry news, regulatory changes and what is happening in the local market. However, we are often too busy to stay in touch with news or carry out research, and this means your level of local and industry knowledge starts to become outdated. This may mean that when you speak with clients, you provide them with outdated information or you honestly can’t tell them what they are looking for.

However, by actively writing local property reports, you build research time into your working day, and this means you and your team will be better informed and more knowledgeable. The more knowledge you have, the better information and advice you can offer, and the more likely it will be that people trust your guidance.

The research process can improve your knowledge of the industry as a whole

On a similar level, when you research for your report, it is likely that you will take other areas or the national market into consideration as well. This means you will also develop your knowledge about the sector you operate in, which means you can engage with other professionals and be confident that you are providing the best standard of service.

An informed workforce is often all the difference between success and failure. This is why incorporating research and study time into your working day, which you will do if you create local property reports, is important for your estate agency, because it helps inform what you do and what you should be doing.

You’ll be more confident when speaking to clients

While some professionals have the “gift of the gab” and the ability to talk through any situation, there is no denying that when you are confident in what you talk about, you will come across better and you will engage your audience more. This is why people who are going to do a presentation are advised to rehearse and repeat their talk, so they feel confident in what they are about to say.

When you have created local property reports and your staff has studied the information in the report, it is much easier to talk to the client about the local client. When you mention the relevant facts and figures off hand, your client will be impressed and they will form a positive opinion of your company, your local knowledge and your professionalism.

This information can be used in many across your communication channels

In the present day, it is likely that your estate agency will have many ways to communicate with clients. You can speak face to face and over the phone, you can use flyers, billboards, posters, you can write letters, you can send emails, you can communicate on your website or a blog, you can create video content and you have social media platforms.

This means that you need to have a lot of content and your report is the ideal platform for all of your communication channels. Whether you present the report in full or offer up highlights, the information that is contained within the report can be used in a wide range of ways, which means you can communicate with your audience in the way that people want to communicate with you.

You are providing your audience with something they really need

While it is good to be able to communicate in many ways, the real benefit in having a local property report is that you can be confident you have content that your audience wants to read. Any estate agent can provide content but if the content is irrelevant, of poor quality or untrue, it can harm a business.

Knowing that the content you are providing is relevant, of benefit and verified means you can be confident that you are communicating in the right way.

Local property reports position your company as the local estate agent to trust

In a crowded marketplace, you need to show that your company is a better choice than other local estate agents. By creating local reports and sharing this knowledge, you will be seen as the company to rely on. Local property reports play a big part in developing your brand and ensuring that when people see your logo or hear your name, they think of the local estate agent to trust.

These outcomes and benefits are all reasons why creating local property reports is important but ultimately, the reason you should create local property reports is because they help you win instructions. All of the outcomes play a role in making people aware of you and convincing your potential clients that you are the firm to trust.

Thanks for reading.

Ian Watson


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