How to market your local property report

Having a local property report is a great asset for an estate agent, but having the report isn’t enough. You need to market your local property report in an effective manner that will ensure people can find it and that you start to develop a reputation as a local property market specialist. At Agent Reports, we are pleased to say we have helped many firms create local property reports and when it comes to knowing how to market your local property report, we are always happy to provide ideas

Add your local property report to the blog section on your website

If you have a blog section on your website, and you should have a blog section on your website, this is the ideal location to place your local property report.

You should be directing traffic towards your blog content already, and if you have regular followers, you have an audience who will be interested in reading the report. Your regular readers will like the report, but you should also find that people directed to the local property report may take the time to read the rest of your blog content, providing you with a further bonus in connecting with an audience.

Place your local property report on your social media accounts

Your audience is on social media, so it makes sense to place local property market reports where your audience is. It is possible to place documents on social media or you can provide a link where people can access the report from your social media account.

You want to provide value from social media and allowing your clients to access this style of report from social media makes sense.

Use social media advertising to get people signing up for your local property report

Social media advertising is still a cost-effective and successful way of reaching your audience. The targeting features of social media advertising make it easy to target the people you want to each, and this should increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

PPC is an effective way to provide interested parties with your local property report

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns are another cost-effective way to drive the right people to your best content. If people aren’t interested in what you offer, they won’t click, and it won’t cost you any money. However, if someone clicks through to the report, it is likely that they will have an interest in your services, and the quality of your report represents a great chance to win new instructions.

SMS and email campaigns can help you distribute local property reports in an effective manner

Such is the changing pace of technology that SMS, and email campaigns may be classed as traditional forms of marketing these days. These communication channels offer direct access to your audience and it will reach them in a place where they are likely to click through or follow up an initial interest.

Promoting your local property report with window cards is a traditional and effective way to connect

An even more traditional marketing method that many estate agents have utilised is window cards. If you have viable footfall traffic passing your window, or the window of a store where you can place a card, promote your local property report and provide information where people can access it.

While the number of internet users is always rising, not everyone is online and not everyone is searching or thinking about what you offer when they are online. It may be that your window card jogs someone’s memory or makes them consider their options whereas they wouldn’t have thought about you unless the card reminded them.

Don’t overlook the importance of print media when marketing your local property report

Print media is still an option that estate agents should consider, especially local newspapers. Being able to reach a localised market is highly effective and you may be able to find an affordable advertising solution by focusing on traditional print media.

These are just some of the ways that you can market your local property report, and if you want assistance with these steps, and a whole lot more, rely on Agent Reports. We’re delighted to say we have assisted many estate agents to reach prospective clients, so get in touch as we look forward to helping you.

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