Demonstrate your authoritativeness with providing local property reports

There are many ways an estate agent can stand out from their peers and make themselves the number one choice in their market or sector but you cannot overlook the importance of being seen as a local expert. Having skills and experience in the industry are important factors but sellers and buyers know that the local market is different from the national market or other local areas across the country.

There are things that a local area can offer which stands it apart from other towns or cities, there are separate areas in each local area, all with their own benefits and charms. There will even be particular buyers looking for certain homes or a property in a certain area. If you are an estate agent and you don’t know these factors, you will lose time, you will waste energy and the clients you work with will feel that you don’t know your job.

Be seen as the local estate agent people can trust

This is why providing a local report is so important. There are a wide range of reasons why an estate agent should provide local property reports, but these two key factors stand out:

  • In researching, studying and reviewing the local property report, your team will develop a greater understanding of the local property market
  • In providing your audience with relevant information that about the local market, you significantly improve their confidence that you are an expert in the local property market

When your team knows the property market, you provide a better standard of service to your customers and clients. When a buyer or seller comes to you, they expect you to be the experts and this means they expect you to understand the local property market and be in a position to advise them on what is best for their needs and requirements. A good quality local property report is an extremely fast and effective way to show prospective clients that they can rely on you to provide them with the support and service you need.

One of the most important reasons to provide local property reports is that it allows you to demonstrate your authoritativeness in this area. A local report shows you know the pricing, it shows that you understand the market but it also shows that your company is willing to stand by these figures and be seen as an expert. When there is a highly competitive marketplace, there will be many firms content to sit in the field and hopefully pick up clients based on location or convenience. However, an estate agent that knows they offer a good service and are able to provide clients with the best standard of service should be proactive in promoting themselves and detailing why a client can trust them.

Communicate with all potential clients with a local property report

A local property report is a great way to communicate with everyone in the local area, including buyers, sellers, current property owners with no intention of moving at the moment and people who would like to buy in a few years’ time. By demonstrating your authoritativeness in the local market, your estate agent becomes the one that people instantly think of when they need an estate agent and you become the estate agent that people recommend. Even if you don’t win an instruction in the initial days or weeks after you provide a local property report, you increase the likelihood that you will be the estate agent people choose or recommend in the future.

Any company can quickly find an average property price and current value of property in a local area and hope that this is enough information to please certain clients. However, a skilled and experienced estate agent will want to provide insight into these figures and give people answers and explanations about how the market is performing and what this will mean to them. When your estate agent provides local property reports, you position yourself as the specialist in the field and you provide the information that really makes a difference to buyers and sellers.

In a crowded marketplace where all potential clients are looking for a skilled and experienced professional with specialist skills and knowledge, producing local property reports will show that you are the estate agent to rely on.

Thanks for reading.

Ian Watson

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