Challenging market conditions? Use local property reports to gain more business

You probably don’t need to be persuaded or spend too much time persuading clients, that this is a challenging market for estate agents and people looking to move home. Yes, this isn’t the ideal time to be buying or selling property but there are still deals taking place, even though these are challenging market conditions. Estate agents who ignore the…

Showing your expertise within your local market will win more vendors and landlords

If you are an estate agent, you know that these are challenging times in the property market. A lot of experts and specialist have made gloomy predictions for the future of the market and many people are not sure what to do for the best. Consider the slowdown in the market and it is easy to understand that people are…

Estate Agents: Use comprehensive reports to win more instructions

It shouldn’t be a surprise that people want information when making a move in the property market. Property deals are the biggest deals that the majority of people will make in their lifetime. Therefore, people want to be as informed as they can be, and they want to feel as though they are making the decision that is best for…

Williams of Petersfield’s May 2018 Property Report Example

Download Williams of Petersfield May 2018 Property Report

Williams of Petersfield’s February 2018 Property Report Example

Download Williams of Petersfield February 2018 Property Report